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571 Injuries from falling scaffold tube

Report ID: 571

Published: Newsletter No 43 - July 2016

Report Overview

Two children received injuries when a scaffold tube fell from height.

Report Content

It was reported that work was taking place to refurbish the roof of a large publically accessible area. Two scaffolds had been erected to enable this to happen: a high level working platform that gave access to the roof, and  a lower level scaffold to support a protective deck. Whilst operatives were in the process of installing roof sheeting above part of the concourse, a 2.4m long standard tube that had been stored on the walkway on the high level scaffold moved. It fell through a gap in the scaffold planks and then struck and penetrated the protective decking below. Two children on the concourse received slight injuries.

The upper scaffolding was a proprietary sytem and the user manual recommended that the covering sheets be connected together to prevent gaps from forming but this was not done at the area in question. The lower scaffolding was to give protection from weather and against small items that might fall such as pieces of glass or hand tools. The designer's risk assessment did not reference falling scaffold tubes.

Although there was a general requirement that the lower decking should provide protection from falling objects, there was insufficient recognition of the need to withstand the impact from potential missiles falling from height.


Tube fell through this gap

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