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612 Number of near misses and the regulatory regime

A reporter is concerned about the number of investigations on which he is working, or of which he is aware, but most cannot be reported to CROSS because of legal or insurance constraints. He sees an increasing number of actual failures, including collapses, and an increasing number of near misses.

614 Columns missing due to 3-D modelling

A new 8-storey residential concrete frame building is being constructed and several columns have been omitted from the ground and first floor level drawings, says a reporter. Without the columns, a 225mm thick RC slab was being asked to span up to 14m.

Current matters
under consideration

Weather damage to buildings and related infrastructure - see What to report

  • Extreme rainfall
  • Flood (including tidal and surge effects)
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Ground movement (including earthquakes and sink holes)
  • High temperatures
  • Snow/sleet/hail/ice/lightning
  • Combinations

Reports on these subjects are sought, as well as on any other concerns.



Confidential Reporting

Confidential reporting was developed as ASRS (Aviation Safety Reporting System) by NASA for the Federal Aviation Authority in the USA. This has been operating for over 30 years and as a result of its success similar schemes have been developed in a number of other countries. In the UK this is CHIRP the Confidential Reporting Programme for Aviation and Maritime.

CROSS is the first confidential reporting scheme to deal with structures.

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