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518 Fibrous Plaster Ceiling Features

This recent report of a serious concern about an old fibrous plaster ceiling has similarities to the Apollo Theatre ceiling collapse in London in December 2013.It is thought that complete collapse was averted by the arched shape of the trough section and that if the ceiling was flat, prior collapse would have occurred.

423 Temporary works design for basements

A reporter had an inquiry from a Contractor who, after appointment, discovered that there was a serious lack of temporary works design information (surveys/loads/wall thicknesses, sequencing, in principle method statement regarding the party walls).

Current matters
under consideration

  • High strength steels
  • Wind problems in city centre construction
  • Weather damage to buildings
  • Fibrous plaster ceilings
  • Hazard identification
  • Smaller site operations

Reports on these new subjects are sought, as well as on any other concerns.



July 2015 CROSS Newsletter No 39 published

Structural-Safety Group Review 2014 published

We depend on individuals and firms participating by sending reports of their experiences and concerns in confidence to Structural-Safety. The names of reporters are never revealed and only the technical aspects that could help structural engineers are published. 

If you have an experience that could be useful to others please contribute by sending a report to www.structural-safety.org/confidential-reporting/ submit-report/.


Structural-Safety works with the professions, industry and government on safety matters concerned with the design, construction and use of building and civil engineering structures. It:

  • collects confidential data on the concerns of structural and civil engineers and others
  • provides comments in relation to these concerns
  • maintains a data base of reports and publications
  • collects data from public sources on failures, collapses and relevant incidents
  • considers whether unacceptable risk exists, or might arise in the future
  • promotes a positive attitude to learning from experience
  • influences change to improve structural safety.

Structural-Safety combines CROSS and SCOSS. Click here for more details.


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