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689 Fire safety risks during technical due diligence survey

A reporter's firm observed numerous and serious fire safety risks when they were appointed by a client to carry out a technical due diligence survey as part of a building acquisition, meaning the client had not yet agreed the purchase deal for the building.

632 Risky new buildings?

A reporter is becoming increasingly concerned about some of the 'exciting' structures and buildings that are being produced, with particular concern about the use of cantilevers in buildings!

Current matters
under consideration


  • Quality of construction
  • Fire in buildings
  • Quality of supervision on site
  • Use of Resident Engineers
  • Robustness
  • Weather damage to buildings

Reports on these subjects are sought, as well as on any other concerns.



Recent Publications

October 2017         CROSS Newsletter No 48

September 2017    SCOSS Alert - Hazard identification for structural design

About Us

Structural-Safety is an independent umbrella organisation consisting of two entities; SCOSS, a committee established to maintain a continuing review of building and civil engineering matters affecting the safety of structures, and CROSS, a confidential safety reporting scheme established to capture and share lessons learned which might not otherwise have had formal recognition.

Visit our About Us page to find out more about Structural-Safety or our People page to view the Structural-Safety members.

CROSS (Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety)

CROSS depends on individuals and firms participating by sending reports of their experiences and concerns in confidence to CROSS.

Reports submitted to CROSS are completely confidential and neither personal details nor information that could be used to identify a project or product are seen by anyone other than the CROSS Director.

Visit our Confidential Reporting page to find out more about our scheme or if you have an experience that could be useful to others, please contribute by submitting a report.


Weather Damage Reports

Severe weather events have caused extensive damage and disruption to infrastructure and buildings with serious consequences for many.

Creating a record of damage to buildings and structures has the support of DCLG and other government agencies in the UK to help formulate long term strategies for the Building Regulations.

The CROSS system will be used for collecting and processing information on weather damage. Visit our What To Report page for more information or submit a report on weather damage.


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